EastWest Reiki Association

EastWest Reiki Association was co-created by Terry Jordan and Diane Armstrong, both Reiki Masters with a passion to share their enjoyment and love of Reiki as a healing art.

Terry and Diane live on opposite ends of North America, in Oregon and Maryland. The name EastWest Reiki Association captures this unique partnership on many levels.

It embraces the geographical distance between the founders while honoring the philosophical realm in that Reiki was discovered in the East by Mikao Usui and brought to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

The name brings together East and West, geographically, philosophically and spiritually not only in the United States, but also on our planet.

The mission of EastWest Reiki Association is to provide training and support for caregivers and health care professionals using Reiki as a tool for self-care.

They offer several programs such as attunements to Reiki I, II and Reiki Master/Teacher. They also provide Reiki Shares that are open to everybody regardless of experience.

EastWest Reiki Association is also committed to providing opportunities for outreach in the community. Their goal is to connect Reiki practitioners with organizations, hospitals and community centers where Reiki can be offered at no cost to the receiver.

For Reiki practitioners living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland EastWest Reiki Association offers a monthly outreach program at Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin, MD. Practitioners offer 15 minute Reiki sessions to the general public.


Their contact info:


Diane Armstrong Snow

Hill, MD 21863


Email: diane@EastWestReiki.org

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