Reiki Volunteer Program at Hartford Hospital

In 1997 the Department of Women’s Health and the Volunteer Services at Hartford Hospital decided to launch a Pilot Reiki Program, run by Reiki volunteers. Three units (Cardiology, Orthopedics and Oncology) were chosen as initial units, and the program was launched in a rolling basis: each service was implemented one after the other after a period of three months. At the pilot program the Reiki volunteers would inform staff, patients and family members about the benefits of Reiki, and implement services as requested.
Due to the popularity of this program, it only took three years for the Pilot Program to be expanded hospital-wide. At the moment, Reiki requests are mediated through the Integrative Department of the Hospital. Patients, Family or Caregivers can order online or over the phone Reiki sessions through the Department of Integrative Medicine. In 2005, they reported 8,524 Reiki sessions through 23,128 hours of Reiki volunteering.
Reiki Volunteers currently provide Reiki throughout the main hospital, the Harry Gray Cancer Center, the Dialysis Unit, and the Brownstone Outpatient Clinic, of the Hartford Hospital.
The Hartford Hospital’s Reiki Volunteer Program was honored as the recipient of the 2002 Extraordinary Program Award from the American Society of Directors of Volunteer Services (ASDVS), a division of the American Hospital Association.

It requires Reiki Level 1, followed by two 2-hour follow-up sessions and two shifts shadowing a current volunteer.
For information on the Reiki Volunteer Program contact Volunteer Services at (860) 545-2448 or by e-mail or visit:
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