The Beaumont Hospitals Reiki Training Program

The Oncology Services at Beaumont Hospitals in collaboration with the Schools of Allied Health Integrative Medicine, offers an evidence-based Reiki Therapy training program. This program is provided to Healthcare professionals (such as doctors and nurses) as well as anyone interested in learning more about Reiki.

They provide three levels of training:

Reiki I classes focus on educating students about the integrative therapy of Reiki. They serve as an introduction to the underlying principles of Reiki and the human energy system. Instructors present clinical information relevant to healthcare professionals by reviewing the latest scientific research on Reiki.

Reiki II classes focus on developing the practical skills necessary to provide Reiki in a medical setting. Instructors present hand positions and treatment protocols for specific health concerns and instruct on effective patient/practitioner communication.  They also present and discuss the use of the three Reiki symbols.

Reiki II graduates can volunteer to provide Reiki in various areas of the Hospital through the Department of Integrative Medicine.

Reiki III aims to enhance the practice of Reiki practitioners in a hospital setting by demonstrating advance practice techniques and identifying and reviewing  challenges/insights of integrating Reiki in hospitals. There are significant pre-requisites to be met for acceptance into the Level III training program.

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