The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston’s Reiki Volunteer Program

The BWH Center for Nursing Excellence’s Integrative Care Program offers Reiki to patients at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. This program started as a pilot in July 2009, and has provided around 6,500 20-minute sessions in 30 units of the hospital including oncology, cardiology, medical surgical and neurology. Its mission is to “assist patients and staff by assessing both traditional and complementary therapies to heal mind, body and spirit“. I have participated in this program for almost a year now and I have seen tremendous positive changes in the state of mind of most of the patients I have worked with. It is a great responsability but at the same time a great honor to be part of this volunteer community so dedicated to the well-being of patients.

The BWH Reiki practitioners are volunteers  that have been certified through the BWH Integrative Care Program in the Department of Nursing Excellence. Both Reiki practitioners and non-practitioners can get this certification. If you are interested in becoming one or learning more about this exciting and life-changing opportunity, please see the link (and video)  below:

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