The Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute

The Dana Farber Institute in Boston, USA, is one of the world’s leading hospitals in cancer care. It has consistently been ranked in the past years as one of the top 10 Cancer Hospitals in the US.

Reiki treatments have been integrated at Dana Farber Institute through the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies for more than ten years. The Zakim Center is formed by leading experts in integrative approaches to cancer care. This center has a two-pronged approach to the well being of patients by providing information on healthy living habits and practices (such as promoting healthy nutrition and exercise) and by delivering complementary medicine care.

Patients are referred for Reiki therapy by clinicians or by self-referral. There are two types of Reiki sessions: to outpatients and inpatients.

Reiki sessions to outpatients usually last about 45-60 minutes, they need to be scheduled in advance and they take place in private clinic rooms. Outpatients might pay out-of pocket treatment fees or might be eligible for free treatments.

Reiki sessions to inpatients tend to be more spontaneous, they are provided at no-cost to the patient and can take place at any treatment area in the hospital: before or after radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgical procedures.

Both types of sessions are provided and documented by Reiki practitioners at the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies and are recorded in the patient’s medical record.

Reiki at Zakim Center by the numbers:

First year 100 sessions provided

Women:Men Ratio 9:1

80% of referrals were for symptom management

0 negative effects reported

Positive effects reported by patients receiving treatment:

Increased ability to fell relaxed, calm, and soothed

Decrease in anxiety leading to decision-making

Increase in inner strength and confidence

Decrease in pain

Increase in peaceful feelings at the end of life

To learn more about the Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies, visit:

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