Why should physicians incorporate Reiki in their medical practice?

The main reason for physicians to use Reiki in their practice is its simplicity: it is not necessary to feel and assess energy fields, but to simply “let things flow and the process to happen on its own.” Reiki is gentle touch, thus, it can be easily incorporated into any patient’s care plan: when taking the pulse or temperature, when listening to the personal history, etc. No adjustment of clothing is needed and it can be done to patients that are lying down, sitting or standing.

Because it requires no attention or intention, doctors can focus on the practice of conventional medicine, while letting Reiki flow from their hands. Anybody can learn Reiki, it does not require faith and it does not depend on the receiver’s state of mind. But, above all, Reiki is low cost, it works and it doesn’t compete with traditional medicine.

The applications of Reiki at the Dr’s office are two-fold: Reiki has effects on both the patient and the physician.

Reiki has been proven to relieve patient’s stress, agitation, anxiety and even pain. Patients feel calmer and more relaxed. They also report a sense of being cared of, which leads to greater rapport with the doctor and greater compliance. Reiki has no side effects or contraindications nor is there a concern about overdose.

Physicians can use Reiki as a method to bring compassionate care to their practice. This improvement in patient interaction might lead into an increased in the effectiveness of their interviewing and assessment techniques. Reiki also improves mental clarity and intuition, which can help diagnosis and decision making.

Reiki works on the spiritual side, on the human connection. It integrates companionate listening and simple touch, and offers physicians a simple way to humanize their medical practice.

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